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If you want to grow your freelancing business, you need to invest in marketing. Without considering experience and skills, promotion is a fundamental tactic to make sure a business will be known and easily found. There are many ways to grow a personal business. In this article, I recommend a tool that works if you operate in the digital space: Pinterest and specifically Tailwind for Pinterest.

You may have heard about Tailwind for Pinterest, and you may also have asked yourself what this tool is, how it works and if it’s really beneficial.

In fact, Tailwind has been around for a while, but many people aren’t quite sure exactly what it is and how to use it. This guide can help break it all down for you to know exactly what to expect if you decide to use this tool, how it can help you, and some astonishing results.

What is Tailwind?

Tailwind is a tool for Pinterest and Instagram that helps freelancers, businesses of any kind, and individuals to optimize their online presence offering a series of useful features such as Scheduling, Analytics, and Reporting.

Tailwind’s motto is as easy as it sounds: Make world-class marketing easy for everyone.

Specifically, Tailwind is well known among marketers to be used for Pinterest, and it’s used daily by thousands of people interested in growing their presence on this social media and get discovered. In addition, Tailwind is an official Pinterest partner, meaning that the social platform trusts this tool when it comes to streamlining the marketing effort.

What is Tailwind used for?

Tailwind is used to schedule content on Pinterest and engage with like-minded individuals and businesses in your niche or complementary niches.

With Tailwind for Pinterest you can:

  • Upload images
  • Schedule your pins at the optimal time for you and your business
  • Measure and analyze how your pins are performing
  • Reach new audiences

How to use Tailwind for Pinterest Step by Step

Tailwind for Pinterest is easy to use and set up: the company offers a free trial to all the new subscribers to get everyone comfortable with the tool and eager to get more out of it.

Set up a Tailwind Account

The first thing to do to start using Tailwind is sign up for a personal account: click on the Sign Up with Pinterest button and connect your Pinterest account to your Tailwind account.

Remember: Tailwind is a Pinterest partner, which means your information and data will always be safe!

Once you’ve connected your Pinterest account to your account on Tailwind, you can start using the trial version that will let you schedule and publish up to 100 Pinterest Pins before you decide if you want to pay for the Plus plan.

The trial also gives you free access to the following Pinterest Reports: Brand Profile Performance, Pin Inspector, Board Insights, and Monitor Your Domain and following Instagram Reports: Brand Profile Performance, Post Inspector.

You also have free access to 5 Tailwind Communities, to which you can submit up to 30 pins each month to improve your reach.

All of the features available during your trial period don’t require a credit card to be used: you will only be asked to enter payment information only once you are ready to upgrade to a Paid Plan.

Tailwind for Pinterest Personal Dashboard and Features

Once your account is ready, a dashboard is created, and it includes a menu on the left side of the screen from where you can access various features.

1. Dashboard Overview – Last 7 Days

The Dashboard Overview – Last 7 Days includes an overview of the situation of your Pinterest account in the past 7 days: how many repins, from whom, and how many followers you’ve gained or lost.

2. Communities

The Communities tab allows you to connect with other marketers to share content and get inspired. The number of Communities you can join depends on your plan: by default, you have access to 5 Communities, even on the Plus plan, and without paying anything more. If you need more beyond that, you can add a Community PowerUp to your Plus subscription.
Within the Communities section, you can see the Communities you are part of, Find a Community, and Create a New Community. Each community has its own rules, and admins can decide who to admit and who to kick out. You can become a member of a Community or an Admin.

Communities Tailwind

To add a Pin to a Community, you need to use the Publisher feature.

3. Publisher

The Publisher Tab includes a few subpages to keep the situation under control. To schedule a new pin follow these steps:

  • Create and Design a pin. Creating and designing Pinterest pins can be done using various tools: I highly recommend Canva for its templates and its easy use. Please read my Canva review if you want to know more.
  • Go to your Publisher and then go to your Drafts Page.
  • Click on Schedule your own Pin! – Upload image or Video
  • Select the image(s) you want to upload from your computer’s folder system.
  • Once the upload has finished, your image will appear in your Drafts, and it will be ready to be edited and then scheduled.
  • In Draft, click on the image you’ve uploaded, add your Pin Title and your Pin Description., and decide what board(s) you want your image to be published.
  1. Click on Add to Communities to add your image to the communities you’re part of, then click on the small clock at the bottom and select a Custom time to get the first pin published.

From here, you can also select the interval between one pin and another to avoid publishing the same image too often and too close to one another. In addition, the Intervals can be customized to fit your scheduling.

  • Once you’re done, you can either click on Schedule at the bottom of your single pin or, if you’ve worked on multiple drafts, you can select Schedule all Drafts.
  1. Based on the Time slots you’ve chosen, your board will be filled with the new Pins that Tailwind will automatically publish for you at the agreed time.

Watch the following video for more information on how to schedule your pins effectively with tailwind:


Within the Publisher Tab, click on Your Schedule to add or remove a time slot.

Within the Publisher Tab, you can also access the SmartLoop feature that allows you to reshare content that performs quite well or seasonal content that can be repurposed.
250 Active SmartLoop Posts are included in the Plus plan of Tailwind.

4. Tailwind Create

If you want to keep everything under Tailwind, you can also use Tailwind Create to create pins and share them directly with the tool. However, I don’t recommend this feature: it’s a paid add-on and doesn’t offer much flexibility.

I suggest using a different tool such as Canva that is easier to use, with plenty of features and templates, and either free or quite cheap and worth.

5. Insights

Once you’ve started using Tailwind for a while, you need to start checking stats and reports, and that’s what the Insights section is about. By clicking on the different metrics above the graph, you can see how your Followers, Pins, and Repins grow over time.

To have more precise insights, you can sync your Google Analytics to your Tailwind account.

Tailwind Pricing for Pinterest and Powerups

1. Annual and Monthly Plan

Tailwind offers two Plus Plans: the annual and the monthly.

Monthly: $15 each month per profile to schedule up to 400 pins or posts per month, avail of 5 Communities, and share 30 Pins to Communities.

Annual: $120 for one year per profile paid up-front. It includes scheduling unlimited pins or posts throughout the year, 5 Communities, and share 30 Pins to Communities.

To both these plans, you can add so-called PowerUps, aka pay more for existing features.
There are quite a few different PowerUps available: Communities PowerUps, SmartLoop PowerUps, and PowerUp Bundles, a combination of the two.

2. Tailwind PowerUps Pricing: SmartLoop PowerUps

250 Active SmartLoop Posts are included in the Plus plan of Tailwind, but if you want more, you can buy it.

The price to add more Smartloop Posts are based on the chosen plan and split as following:

Annual Plan:

annual smart plan

Monthly Plan:

3. Tailwind PowerUps Pricing: Communities PowerUps

5 Communities and 30 Pins to Communities are included in the Plus plan of Tailwind, but if you want more, you can buy it.

The price to add more Smartloop Posts are based on the chosen plan and split as following:

Annual Plan:

Monthly Plan:

4. Tailwind PowerUps Pricing: PowerUp Bundle

Subscribers to the annual plan can also buy the PowerUp Bundle to access unlimited SmartLoop posts, unlimited Communities memberships, and unlimited Communities submissions.

5. Tailwind Create Pricing

Subscribers to the Monthly or Annual Plus Plan have access to Tailwind Create Free, including 15 Pin designs for a month. If you want to create more designs and avail of more resources (pictures, templated, etc.), you can buy Create as an add-on.

These are the prices for Tailwind Create:

Common Questions About Tailwind for Pinterest

These are some of the most common questions about Tailwind that you may have.

1. How can I cancel my Tailwind subscription?

Canceling a Tailwind Plus Plan is easy. Follow these steps:

  • Go to your Account Settings (located in the settings menu in the top right-hand navigation).
  • Click the account you want to cancel the Plus subscription on.
  • Click the “Change Plan” button at the top right of the Account box and select “Downgrade.”
  • On the Confirmation page, you will see all the details related to your plan moving forward, how many days you have left until the cancellation is finalized, and what changes will happen to your account once the plan has been canceled. Finally, click “Downgrade My Account.”

If you cancel in the middle of a billing period, you will have access to the plan for the remainder of the period you’ve already paid for. Unfortunately, tailwind doesn’t refund for unused time.

If you change the plan for one account, this change doesn’t affect the plan for any other account you may have added; repeat the steps above for all the profiles connected to the account, if needed.

2. How can I pay for my subscription to Tailwind?

Tailwind can only be paid with a valid credit or debit card.

3. Can Tailwind replace Pinterest?

No, Tailwind can supplement the use of Pinterest, but it doesn’t replace it completely. In fact, it’s a good practice to keep using and interacting with other pins and marketers directly on Pinterest. Tailwind is perfect to create a long-term strategy to integrate into your marketing efforts, but using Pinterest directly daily is necessary if you want to grow in the right way.

4. Can I use Tailwind offline?

No, you can’t use Tailwind offline, but you can download the app and use it any time you want, even if you’re not in front of a laptop or a desktop.

5. Should I upgrade to Tailwind Plus?

Upgrading to Tailwind Plus is a personal choice, and it depends on different things: how big your business is, how much time you have, how much you want to invest in your promotion. For freelancers, upgrading makes sense to plan and scale a long-term growth strategy. On top of this, consider that this expense is deductible!

6. Is Tailwind easy to use?

Tailwind for Pinterest is easy, but the interface can be a bit clumped, so you really need to get used to it. Make sure you understand your needs and what you want to get out of this tool to maximize the benefits.

7. Can I add more profile in my account?

You can connect as many Pinterest profiles to your Tailwind Dashboard as you like. Every new profile will be attached to the Free Trial plan, but at any stage, you can upgrade each profile to the Plus plan at $14.99 per month or $119.88 per year per single profile.
Follow these steps to add a new profile to your account:

  • Go to your Account Settings (located in the settings menu in the top right-hand navigation).
  • Click the “+ Add New Account” button just above your current account.
  • Next, choose a Pinterest profile to add and Authorize the Tailwind App.
  • The new profile will appear on the left-side menu.

Is Tailwind Worth It?

If you are a freelancer looking to expand your business and Pinterest is one of the channels to improve your online presence, Tailwind is definitely worth a try. You can try out Tailwind for free and schedule 100 pins before spending any money to get a better understanding of the tool and its features. But even if Tailwind allows you to be more consistent with your Pinterest strategy and reach more people, it cannot be used as a stand-alone service: you need to supplement it with the manual use of Pinterest you want to get the most out of it. And you need to have a strategy for using Tailwind for Pinterest; otherwise, your efforts won’t pay off. But, of course, every freelancing business is different, so my suggestion is to try it out for yourself and check whether this tool can help you achieve your goals.

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How to Crush Tailwind for Freelancers
How to Crush Tailwind for Freelancers

This post may contain affiliate links, which means that we may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link.

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